May 3, 2008

Shenanigans From The Bus

I wish I had time to write down every hilarious thing that has happened on this bus since we've been on it. I'm so grateful that our busmates aren't sick of us...or at the very least, they're hiding it extremely well. ;)
We have been to so many cities across the country- some are much more entertaining than others. Some you would think would be very entertaining (ie: Chicago) but- we're parked where ever the venue for the night is...and sometimes, that isn't in the most touristy area.
Although we are having a great time, it is a challenge to be on the road. Every morning we wake up and rush to try to get showers before the bus driver goes to sleep in the hotel room for the day. Then we make an attempt to find something to eat that is within walking distance. This is a daily frustration. Most people think being on tour is glamorous...pretty people, parties, shows, etc. Drugs, Sex & Rock'n'Roll, baby...not so much. It's more or less, a lot of driving and a whole lot of bad food.
But we love it, just the same. :)
It's a baby...on a bus!!
Did I mention we have a lot of down time?
Rockstar Baby w/her Uncle Slaine
On the road again...driving to the next city.

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