May 30, 2008

Waterstreet Reunion!

It is funny how fate works…isn’t it?
After my last post, I decided to send out a quick email reminder about this blog page…since everyone is busy & it’s easy to forget to check out all the fascinating things I write about here on a daily/hourly basis. ;) A few hours after I sent it, I received an email from my old friend and former co-worker, Danielle, who was in town visiting relatives…right down the street!! (How ironic!)
A little background…
In 2001, my Momma #2 and long time boss asked me to begin working in her boutique- Waterstreet Station. Her right-hand girl in the shop was her niece, Danielle. Although she often had to reprimand me because after all- she was my manager (and I was a busy 17 year old, with much more on my mind than selling the hell out of some clothes) we became fast friends.
I always valued her friendship and advice, be it about relationships, friendships, work, or fashion. After our years at Waterstreet ended, we continued to stay in touch with each other, trading pictures and stories- from college to moves to getting engaged and married to having our little ones. (Ironically, our little ones are only two weeks apart!)
That being said- you can imagine my excitement when I found out we were in town at the same time. We made plans to meet at the playground downtown and have lunch. Ironically- in the same place that we spent many afternoons, many years before- selling lots of tourists lots of stuff they really didn’t need. ;)
We had a wonderful lunch at Ortega’s Grill, formerly known as the Green Dolphin Pub, which was where we all had drinks before we moved on from Waterstreet. Danielle told me that Donetta (Momma #2) was working up at the salon and wanted us to stop in. It was almost surreal for us to be their with our little ones, so many moons later. After we left the salon, we talked a lot about all that we learned from Donetta. Whether she realizes it or not…she made both of us who we are today- and I know neither of us will ever be able to thank her enough for that. (And Donetta, that means both the good and the bad…b/c you taught me how to put my hand on my hip & stick my looong index finger in someone’s face when I’m mad!! And I love you for it!)
Little Dominic & Danielle
Aunt D & Little MIss
Danielle got slide duty…& the little ones were so grateful!

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