June 9, 2008

Kitty Tails (badumchi)

Borat is one of the most relaxed cats I have ever known, much less owned. He will literally get his toenail caught in the carpet and just lay down and wait for me to help him. Not frantically waiting, just like “Oh well…*yawn* someone will be along shortly to help me out…or not, whatever.”
Regardless of his relaxed nature, he’s not a huge fan of water. Even though he will hang out in the bathroom while Little Miss takes her bath…he does not usually venture near the tub. Until yesterday.
I had just finished giving Little Miss a bath…the tub was still full of water and she was sitting in the bathroom floor, wrapped up in a towel when the door opens. Borat sashays his way past us and leaps (leaps!) into the tub!! He had a look of sheer horror on his face when he turned around- soaked, but still in the tub! I grabbed Little Miss b/c I figured he’d be clawing his way out of that water like a mad-man…but no. He looked around and calmly climbed out of the tub- as if to say, “Aw man…now I’m all wet. Shucks, I hope someone gets me a towel.”
What cat does that!? He is such a goof-ball! Juno was also in the bathroom for the festivities- and she was definitely not into following Borat into the tub. In fact, her facial expression read…”dumbass purebred” (She’s so hood.)
Neither of them is too pleased with me tonight. I got them both collars…with bells!! They jingle all over the house and I think it’s hilarious. Borat is quietly annoyed, but Juno tries to run from the noise- which I find particuarly humorous. The look on her face is priceless…she pins her ears back and runs like her ass is on fire, then slams on breaks and turns around like “ah! It stopped!” Then starts to walk again & the jingling starts again…and she runs again. My sides hurt from laughing at her.
I’m really not cruel.
See…she’s getting used to it!

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