August 28, 2008

Happy Birthday, Big Gully!

While we were in NC we were lucky enough to be able to celebrate my uncle's birthday with him. Since I was little, I've always called him Big Gully- Uncle Vernon was a bit too hard for me to say, I guess...and Little Miss has continued on the tradition. Since his birthday party on Sunday afternoon, I must've heard "Gully! Gully!" a thousand times. I'm not sure if it was the chocolate birthday cake or all the stuffed animals (real stuffed animals- bear, dear, geese) that come along with visits from him, but I think it's pretty safe to say he's her favorite uncle. ;)

Little Jenni & her Gran'dad!
Aunt Karen, Big Gully & Jenni
"Gully! Hold!" *little arms up*

Big Gully and Aunt Karen were also kind enough to drive us to the airport early Monday morning. Mom came along for the ride and for most of the trip, Mom and her brother shared stories from their childhood. I found myself wanting to write down all the stories they were retelling- some of which I'd heard before and some I had not. (Many stories included their pet raccoon, JoJo...which is an entire blog post in itself.) It was a wonderful way to end our trip.

Love you, Big Gully!

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