August 15, 2008

ILL BILL Hangs With Tech N9ne

This past Spring, ILL BILL joined Tech N9ne & Paul Wall for 52 shows in 58 days on the Fire & Ice Tour. Prepare to hear Tech N9ne on Bill's new album over the DJ Muggs-produced "Only Time Will Tell". In this clip, Tech welcomes Bill onto his bus for some Caribou Lou and a live preview of his new album, "Killer".

Disclaimer: This was the same night that I was given an enormous jug of Caribou Lou & wanted to die the next day. (ie: our 2nd wedding anniversary)

*Thank you all for your concern yesterday! I'm fine now and it's safe to say I won't ever take Excedrin again. I felt like a bear was chasing me until almost midnight last night. Effing caffeine...I should've never stopped drinking Mountain Dew.

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