August 12, 2009

An Annigrocery

Yesterday was my parent's 25th wedding anniversary...or annigrocery, as Little Miss calls it. My dad and I started planning weeks ago for this special day. My parents are so funny- the last couple years both of them totally forgot their anniversary until almost a month had past. I made certain that wasn't going to happen this year. ;)

The day started off by surprising my mom with flowers at work and whisking her away to the spa for an afternoon of total relaxation. (God knows she needed it- they're preparing for their yearly inspection at the daycare & she's running around like a chicken with her head cut off.) After her spa visit, she came home to find a gorgeous and delicious anniversary cake waiting for her. (I would post a picture, but we cut into that bad boy before I could grab my camera- it was lovely though.)

We all went out to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, 1587. One more surprise was in store for my mom- a big one! I'm terrible at keeping secrets- so I've been avoiding my mom for days for fear that I would tourettes-style scream "DADDY SIZED MAMA TRIXIE'S RINGS TO FIT YOUR FINGER and IS GIVING THEM TO YOU AT DINNER ON YOUR ANNIVERSARY!!" So I breathed a huge sigh of relief when my dad placed the little box on the table at the restaurant and asked, "Would you do it all again, honey?"

Classy restaurant? Psh.
My mom was shocked, but still had no clue what was inside. In fact, it took my dad explaining exactly what rings were staring back at her- for her to realize how special they really were.

*notice who has both rings...

"Bub, will you marry me, too?"

Annigrocery Bling ;)

You see- my great-grandmother, Trixie "engaged" my parents. They'd been dating for several months and Mama Trixie (my dad's grandmother) decided it was time for them to get married. So, at a family function- she'd pinned a diamond ring that her late-husband had made for her to the inside of her gown. After dinner, she called my mom back to her smoking room and gave it to her. (It caused somewhat of an uproar in the family b/c she gave it to my mom and neither of her daughters.) When Mama Trixie died, she left my father her wedding set...but my grandmother kept it until she passed away last year. When my dad finally got the rings that were left to him some twenty years ago, he put them on a chain and wore them around his neck- until last week when we took them to have them sized.

Congratulations, Mom & Dad! :)


  1. awwwww That is so freakin' sweet!

  2. Wow. 25 years! Congrats.

    Your mom must be ecstatic with the rings!

  3. This is too sweet. Your family is adorable.