September 19, 2009

Oh, North Carolina

North Carolina is full of mailboxes...
...roads less traveled...with lots of flower gardens...

...bird houses waiting for little girls to fill them with seeds... places to pretend you're a fairy-princess...

...wild grapes- that taste amazing...

...and Grandaddy's who are tall enough to pick them, and feed them to their grand kids.

...North Carolina- you're no big city of dreams...but you're everything in between.


  1. This is beautiful, Eden, and between your PERFECT model and your sentiment, you have a wonderful children's picture book ...

    Also, does Little Miss just assume she's a high-powered fashion model by now? I mean, she spends more time in front of that camera ... :-)

  2. I love these! She is truly a fairy princess
    Mom and Daddy

  3. Thank you so much, Will :) I would love to get some photo shoot time with that precious little Jackson, when will he be in NC again?!

    I hope she doesn't turn into a Naomi Campell- she's quick to grit her teeth at me & say 'cheese' with total attitude...but she's yet to chuck a phone at my head, so I think there is hope. ;)