May 24, 2012

Dear Little Miss: Graduation

Dear Little Miss,

Tonight, you'll put on your white cap and gown. You'll stand up in front of a room full of (mostly) strangers and read a book, all by yourself. You'll walk across the stage and take your diploma from your teachers...and you'll graduate preschool.

I can't believe this day is already here. It really seems like just yesterday that I nervously called your preschool for the first time- shortly after we moved from Brooklyn to Kill Devil Hills. I was comforted by a very kind voice, who answered all my questions...and I knew this was the place for us- for you. I knew they would prepare you for kindergarten- but would hold you and hug you when you needed to be a baby, even just for a moment. That's exactly what we've seen over the last 3, kindness, teaching, and did I mention love?

I remember your first day- it wasn't the first day of the school year...which made it a little more difficult on us both. All the other kids knew each other, as did all the other parents- we were the new kids on the block. Your teachers held us both when we had tough mornings. As confident as you were at home, you were very shy and quiet at school. You refused to eat snack or even drink water with your classmates.

Your next year of preschool began with extreme excitement because...we could walk to school! You were welcomed by friends from your previous year of school. Some of the same anxieties were there for both of us- but the familiar faces, room and routine helped us hug and kiss goodbye. This year I saw you grow into your own little person more than ever before. You had your own little crew of friends to pal around with- but if I was around, you'd still rather hang with me. You began accomplishing morning table work with minimal help from me and your teachers. You had your first 'time out' in school this year- for throwing a dollhouse at a little girl who is now one of your good friends. 

This year, your first day of school was all excitement- and not just because we could walk to school. You were excited to learn. You were excited to see your friends- many of which you'd been in school with for the last few years- but some you'd met in other activities outside of school. You were excited to show me what you could do with your table work- and this time, you didn't need my help at all. You grabbed the paint brush and painted that big A like you'd been dreaming about it. You wrote your name on your own and moved on to the next table...with your best friend at your side.

This year I've watched you do so many firsts. We went on your first field trip to Disney On Ice and to the Norfolk Zoo. We had many play-dates in the afternoon with your friends...who (thankfully) have amazing moms who I now call my best friends. Your personality has flourished. You are secure in your own skin and the confidence you have behind a microphone is baffling to me. You have the most hilarious sense of humor...and a bit of a diva attitude. (Okay, so you make JLo look like Laura Ingells.)  You even decided who you plan to marry- and I am pretty sure you even have a few back ups, just in case.

Don't rush life, little have so much to enjoy ahead of you. You're going to learn so many new things at your new school- and in time, you'll be just as comfortable there as you were at your preschool. Keep your strong will and don't ever let anyone tell you that you can't do can do anything you put your mind to- and if you ever don't feel comfortable doing something, use that same strong will to say no.

You're my everything. I'm so proud of you every second of every day...but today- I'm overflowing with pride and joy.

I love you with all my heart.


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  1. Beautiful Eden your so great with your blogs. I can really feel all of your emotions!! ! Your little miss is lucky to have such an amazing woman like you to look up to!! I know your beyond proud of her!! Hugs for a great graduation tonight!! Xoxo