May 10, 2012

The Big K

Today was a big day in the B house. Kindergarten registration.

As we walked through the halls of the school I attended as a wee-one, my heart climbed right up to my throat. The school has been totally remodeled- all except for the library, which is ironically where we had to register. So many memories flooded my brain as we entered the room that seemed so enormous when I was a student there. Little Miss was too excited to notice what I was doing. She soaked in the paintings on the wall, the teachers outfits, the books....oh, the books! Little Miss loves to read- and I'm not trying to brag but...okay, I am. She can read- like for reals read, ya'll. So she was pretty fascinated by the walls of books that surrounded us.

I filled out the paperwork (that apparently I could've done before we got there, whoops) and one of the kindergarten teachers asked Little Miss a few questions. Colors, shapes, letters, numbers- the normal stuff. Then the teacher asked her to turn the paper over and draw a picture or maybe write her name- whatever she was comfortable doing. Little Miss broke out all the crayons and homegirl drew a masterpiece. The teacher chuckled. When she was finished, she asked me how to spell the teacher's name. The teacher looked at me puzzled like, "She can't spell her own name? Really, you just said the kid can read?!" She peeped over the table to find "To: Mrs. ____ From: Riya" already written.

"She's so ready. She'll do wonderful- you don't have to worry about a thing."

Should I have warned the teachers that Little Miss thinks she'll be teaching kindergarten with them? Nah, we'll save that for the first day.

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