January 3, 2013

Stubborn Streak

I get my stubborn streak from my daddy. My mom is stubborn too...in her own way. But our stubborn-ness is pure Spencer.

A few years ago, my dad had a minor surgery to remove an abscess on his spine. The doctor explained he could experience minor arthritis for a year following the surgery- which I thought was odd, but what can you do? The doctor has to know what he's talking about right?

When my daddy woke up from the surgery, he could hardly walk. While it wasn't constant, the pain in his hip was so sharp and severe- I saw my once very active daddy, start being less and less mobile. Driving hurt, walking hurt, sitting hurt.

After living with the pain for a year, he finally agreed to have x-rays done. His family doctor simply said, "You've got it" referring to his arthritis. No suggestion for pain management...no referral to a surgeon...no real explaination at all. You've got it.

Months later, I talked him into going back to the doctor...a different doctor- in hopes of getting a referral to a surgeon b/c I knew it was possible to get my 'old' daddy back. That mission was accomplished...and we began jumping through whatever hoops we had to jump through in order to get his hip replaced. (I mentioned the stubborn streak, right? Spencer vs Spencer/Braunstein...I.will.win.this.)

Blood tests. Dental exams. You name it, he's been checked and tested for it in preparation for his new hip. Something else we've run across during this wild goose chase? No other doctors have any idea why on Earth a surgeon would suggest he would have arthritis for a year...it doesn't go away- it's not a cold. Bizarre. But not the point...which I have to keep reminding my dad of.

I was suprised when we were told he'd had to have his teeth checked. What does that have to do with a hip!? Apparently, an abscessed tooth can cause quite the complication when having surgery. (The infection from the abscess can hop right down to the incision spot & bam...big troubles. Makes perfect sense now, huh?) Daddy only has a few teeth that are his- the rest are a bridge that he's had since college. Dentists orders? Pull them all. OUCH!

Today, Daddy had his teeth pulled- and for the first time in quite sometime, has all, newly purchased, top and bottom chompers!! Once his mouth isn't sore from the de-teething, I'm buying him a steak...and a snickers bar! ;-)

*Please keep my daddy in your prayers. His hip surgery is scheduled for February...and then we have a big date scheduled to test out his new mobility at Busch Gardens this spring!!*

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