October 19, 2016

Real Life v. Social Media Life

Think back to childhood without social media- what did our parents do during downtime? My mom would call her sister to discuss her day, during what little bit of downtime she had. They didn't share gossip unless it was something overheard at the salon my mom kept books for- or something my aunt might have heard or seen at the marina. {Which lets face it, between those two places- they had a plethora of topics to cover.}

What do parents today do? They scroll and read about others lives on social media. I am guilty of it too- other people are interesting- in a way that a zoo is interesting. It is entertaining to watch a human or a giraffe in it's own habitat, interacting with others...but does that make me want to be come a giraffe? Not so much...{I'm pretty tall as it is}

For the most part, we as social-medialites don't post our every move on facebook- only that we would like others to know about. Mostly the really highs and really lows get blasted for the world to share- the mediocre argument about who didn't fill the dogs water bowl up? Not so much. {totally me}
I often hear:

"So-and-so is so happy...just look at her pictures. Did you see the post about the present her boyfriend bought her? She's so lucky..."

Sure, so-and-so is probably very happy.

"I want that...why doesn't my husband do that," they say.

Every relationship is different and beautiful in its own way. I am truly blessed in my marriage. My husband helps tremendously- but things that he does for me aren't things that I post on social media- nor are they be things that would make someone think that I am blessed. Cleaning out a water trough? Dragging the horse pen? Telling my butt looks good? #superblessed

Jealousy is toxic and contagious. When you surround yourself with jealous people, inevitably you become jealous too- you start questioning your own lifestyle and wondering if you're really as happy as you think you are.

Guess what? Comparing your life to someone else's is like comparing apples to oranges. 

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