April 4, 2019

Spare Mare Monday

“Ummm Mama…did we get a new horse?” Little Miss asks, while peaking out her window Monday morning.

Now, I know I’m overtired. (We’d traveled to Atlanta over the weekend.) I know that I have only slept roughly 12 hours total in the last three days…but I’m pretty sure I didn’t get a new horse- or offer for anyone’s horse to come live with us. Like….90% sure…fairly certain.

I look out the window and as sure as the day is long, there is a spare horse is in our driveway. I throw on my muck boots, grab a halter, and take off.

About the time I reach the bottom step, I hear what sounds like thunder followed by an earth shattering squeal.

Tristan, the majestic unicorn comes flying towards the fence- ears forward, head arched, tail straight up in the air. He comes to a screeching halt, inches before hitting the electric wire- dust flies as if he's a rockstar walking onto the stage. #prettyflywhiteguy

T, I do not have time for you to fall in love with this mare right now. I could see it was already too late- his pupils were already shaped like hearts.

I almost have my hands on spare-mare when a truck that I don’t recognize stops.

“Do you need help, miss?” Asked the stranger, as the spare trots away, unicorn in tow.

Frustrated, I spun around to ask ‘what makes you think I need help’ when I caught a glimpse of my reflection in the truck. Half-done makeup, hair in last-night’s bun, no coffee and work-clothes…I see his point- to say I looked a little confused and disheveled would certainly be the understatement of the year. I thanked him for his kindness and assured said stranger “I’ve got this.” #hedidntbelieveme

Meanwhile, Tristan is doing everything he can to impress the spare-mare. Prancing, batting his big blue eyes, promising her the world…all.of.it. Harry? Harry is in his stall waiting patiently like, “Excuse me…will the lady be delaying our dining time?”

Much to Tristan’s dismay, spare-mare’s owners arrived shortly after she did to take her home. You know, to her real home, not the summer-home Tristan had promised her in their fairy-tale life together.

As she walked away, I could practically feel his heart shatter. It was like watching an old movie, when the husband goes off to war…but with horses. He screamed…he bucked…he paced with his head down while snorting in protest. (After spending a mere few minutes with his gal- talk about love at first sight.)

Harry- still in his stall. Still patiently awaiting breakfast.

The dust settles, quite literally, everyone eats and off to work I go. (I did comb my hair and finish my makeup, don’t fret.)

Cut to later that evening, I go outside to tuck in the horses for bed. (Doesn’t everyone do that?) #totallynormal I walk downstairs and see a very happy unicorn standing in the corner, next to the love of his life…spare-mare.

Mom, she’s returned! I knew she’d come back to me!” His eyes said it all. (Is it weird that I imagine what he would say? If so, we can’t be friends.)

I sigh and shake my head, hoping we have a few more years before we have to deal with the actual teenage-human-heartbreak.

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