May 10, 2020

A Medium with a Side of Bacon?

It was a few months after Daddy passed away. I had stopped into the local grocery store to grab something to cook for dinner and ran into a former neighbor and friend I hadn’t seen since before he passed. We shared hugs and tears near the deli- she mentioned reading my blog post on our first dream date and how special it was. 

As we were talking, I was distracted by a package of bacon that fell off of the shelf. We continued talking and she mentioned a medium she recommended. Another package of bacon fell from the shelf.

“I’m not sure if you believe in signs- but there is no reason for that bacon to have thrown itself off the shelf...twice,” she said.

Another package fell.

I took down the medium’s information but didn’t call. While I completely believe in spiritual contact, I was satisfied with our dream dates. My heart was still healing (and still is today) and I wasn’t quite sure what talking to a medium would do to that process. Would it make me hurt worse? Would the healing process start all over? Would I have to move the medium into my house so I could contact my loved ones whenever I wanted? I just wasn’t sure.

Several years went by and numerous friends on separate occasions mentioned the same medium to me. I was fascinated by their experiences. It was getting to the point that I felt like the sign I needed was the fact that this Edward Zula wasn’t going away. 

So I texted him.

He instructed me to send him a photo of whoever I hoped to contact, nothing more. I quickly complied. 

Edward suggested our reading for the evening of April 23. I smiled, knowing Mom and I already had plans to be together that evening. Don’t stand us up, Daddy!

While Mom was onboard, Little Miss and my hubs were not so sure- both imagining me having a tarot card read in some backwoods trailer park somewhere. 

Shortly after lunch on our reading date, my phone dinged. It was Edward. 

“Ok does Kaddish mean something to you. It’s a Jewish prayer,” he said.

“Yes,” I replied, explaining that Little Miss was named for her great-grandmother.

“I’ve been visited by a woman in a black headscarf,” he said. (Little Miss’s namesake)

Knowing it is traditional for religious Jewish women to cover their heads, I frantically began texting Bobbie. (Former mother-in-law, forever our Bobbie) 

“The Kaddish prayer is said for loved ones who have passed, in rememberance...what did she say with the prayer,” she asked me.

“She was listing names…” I said, calling off the names she mentioned.

“Eden...these are relatives who passed...maybe no one is lighting a memorial candle or saying Kaddish for them four times a year,” she said. 

My mind was blown. But why did she contact me? Perhaps she felt I may be her only shot to get through to her relatives, considering the bond remaining with Bobbie and I? Now I was really counting down the seconds until we were able to potentially talk with Daddy.

7:00pm on the dot, Mom and I called Edward.

“Hi Edward! I have my mom on the line with us- her name is Kathy,” I said.

“Oh, Kathy!! That makes sense…”

Mom and I immediately began to sob.

“There are some different names...Trixie?” he asked. My father’s grandmother- who he absolutely adored. She taught him to smoke when he was 7. #differenttimes

“Also...a woman named Clair? I see financial institutes, mortgages? She handled money. She is...stoic, routine,” he said. Indeed. She worked at East Carolina Bank long before it was ECB- retiring as the executive VP. She was the first female comptroller in NC.

“Don is surrounded by family and they are so happy he finally gets to speak with you all,” he said, “In fact...he is getting quite impatient with me because I am not letting him speak.”

We laughed, while the tears continued to flow. I get my lack of patience from my daddy. 

“ were the love of his life. He wants you to know that. He wants you to know that he sees things differently now and he understands that at times- he made life harder than it had to be. He is sorry for being so hardheaded. His body hurt and didn't share the pain with you all- it caused him to be grumpy sometimes. I’m seeing the number 35?” he said. My parents were together for 35 years. 

“He wants you girls to stop grieving on the anniversary of his death. That is just a day- it isn’t a day to memorialize. Instead, celebrate his birthday or your wedding anniversary, Kathy...or near it- he was forgetful at times of the date. He says to be happy………..why do I see a deer? Is it an antelope? He thinks this is funny...he’s laughing. Is there significance in the deer?” he asked.

Don Deere. Daddy’s nickname.

“He is so proud of his girls...and he is showing me the number 2. That number is important. He has TWO granddaughters- and he wants to confirm that they both have a Y in their names? Sometimes spirits do this so you’ll know it is them…” he said.

I heard a whisper- Little Miss was listening. Her eyes were huge.

“I believe it’s him now. He said that for me. I believe him!” she said. 

Daddy never believed in step-granddaughters- he just simply had two that he loved with his whole heart. He was exceptionally proud to tell anyone who would listen about his two granddaughters. 

The conversation carried on through laughter and tears. Edward confirmed that Daddy’s body is restored- mentioning that he is athletic and active now. 

“He has a brother? You are now in contact with him...he’s so thankful for that. He wants you to know that family and love is all that matters,” he said.

We then shared a story about my cousin and an accident she’d been in about 6 months after Daddy’s passing. The accident was horrible, but she walked away without much of a scratch.

“He wants you to share this with his brother...he was with her that day- he helped her from the car. He is with you all, watching over you. Spirits often cannot stop bad things from happening- but they sometimes can protect their loved ones from harm by creating obstacles or encouraging assistance,” he said.

The man who helped my cousin from the wreckage...his name was Don.

Many people who I have shared our experience with ask me the same question- do you feel like you got closure now? Well, no...because I don’t think you ever truly get closure when you lose someone you love. I feel reassured. I feel like I’ve had a visit from my daddy that was more than a dream date. I feel confirmation that his presence surrounding me is not just a fluke. I feel like the bacon falling off the shelves that day? That was my daddy saying “Hey Jackass...your Ole Daddy is trying to get your attention!”

This year on the anniversary date...Mom and I spent the day together- just being together. We didn’t mourn- we didn’t reminisce of the date of his passing. Instead, we talked about some of our happiest memories. (And as fate would have it, my husband ended up on his John Deere mowing the property where my daddy sold John Deeres for a good portion of the day.)

**If you have lost someone close to you- I highly recommend contacting Edward. I felt at ease immediately with him. Essentially, I felt as if he was merely translating key points and puzzle pieces my daddy was sharing with us. The worries or concerns I had four years ago when I first learned of Edward have all faded into the distance. Except for one...Edward- we can’t wait to talk with you again. #imhooked

To contact Edward, visit his FaceBook! Or contact me for his telephone info.

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