February 28, 2021

Why We Are Staying Remote

If Covid-19 has taught us anything, it is that you have to find your own groove and work it. (Actually, I'm not sure Covid taught me that...I've always kind of danced to the beat of my own drumline. But you know....still.)

Tomorrow, our county schools will return to part-time, face-to-face teaching. But we are going to continue our groove online. While we had a rocky start to online-life, we have found our rhythm and to change it up at this point in the school year just doesn't seem to make sense for us. Perhaps I would feel differently if face-to-face was full time, rather than part-time. Perhaps I will feel differently in the fall, if the schedule remains partly-remote and partly-face-to-face. But right now- I don't want to change one more thing in my kiddo's school schedule.

Additionally, and I am writing this while holding my breath because I know someone's head may explode while reading this next part...I don't feel like our daily Covid numbers are wildly different than they were in the fall when we attempted this same plan. Yes, I understand there is a vaccine now. I also understand that students aren't getting the vaccine. 

Also...selfishly, I enjoy having lunch daily with my daughter. Every single day, we sit down and talk about the first half of our day. She tells me about her morning's google meets and I tell her...well, mostly I complain that I've been starving since like 10:30am. (I mean, I do really think a coffee/pastries truck that circulates past the office, similar to an ice cream truck, would make a killing in our industrial park.) This little bit of extra time we have been able to share over the last year has been priceless. Given the option, I'm hanging onto that extra few hours. 

I know this plan won't work for every family. I know my opinion doesn't match the opinion of others. But what is great is that we can differ in our views and still be friends. I do hope and pray that the return to a real normal is just around the corner. But for now, cheers to blue-blocking glasses and pajama schooling.

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