November 16, 2007


We don't have enough time.

How many times a day do we say "I just don't have time to do that today. I'll do it tomorrow...I'll call her tomorrow."? I catch myself saying these things all the time. We have become so busy in our everyday lives, that special moments and special people are literally passing us by.

I received a call from my dad this morning- letting me know that a friend of our family had passed away. My dad had known him since they were both young boys...they'd both moved from Hyde County to Dare County to better their children(s) education. Not only was this man a friend of our family, but he was the father of a classmate from grade school.

As I listened to my dad, through tears, explain to me what had happened. He told me that his friend's son was lucky enough to hold his hand as he "went home." He told me that he knew his son would take care of his mother, just as his father did. He told me how bad he felt for this man, who'd worked so hard his entire life- only to die at such a young age.

"For what?" he asked me, "Why do we work so hard- only to have no time to enjoy life? We miss so much."

My dad isn't the type to say things like that. I thought about how hard he works. Every day, of every week, he wakes up (at the latest) by 4am and doesn't return home until (at the earliest) 6pm. He fights traffic and gas prices on a daily basis. I hope so much that when he comes home at night, he's able to relax and enjoy his time. I want him to feel like he didn't miss a thing in life. And I want people to say "He lived such a full life..."

Don't get me wrong- my dad works hard, but he was there for every special moment in my childhood. Every Sunday we went horseback riding, no matter how hot or how cold the weather. He would pick me up from middle school in the dump truck- all of my friends were jealous that I got to ride in the big truck. I remember him rushing home from work to go to my middle school graduation- he just made it. We were all dressed up and in line to go inside the auditorium...and I heard the dump truck. I broke out of the line and ran up to my daddy, and hugged him like I hadn't seen him in a month. I was so happy he was there. The memories I'm able to make with my dad now are completely different. I'm able to see his reaction to Riya...and it's such a special thing to be able to witness.

I cherish all of the memories with my dad...they mean more to me than anything. I hope that every child is able to look back on memories of times with their father's and smile, just like I am right now. :)

Love you, Daddy. See you Christmas!!

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