December 9, 2007

Sharks & Otters & Alligators...Oh MY!

Welcome to the Roanoke Island Aquarium! (Featuring one of the largest ocean tanks on the East Coast!)
Little Miss Alligator Mama (left)
The otter tank- they were so happy to see people, they were showing off for us. (We were the ONLY people in the entire aquarium!) (right)
Snapping turtles- I bet you didn't know that they can attack an alligator, and win! (left)
A Cottonmouth-water moccasin having dinner. (These poisonous fellas are commonly found in my parents backyard.) (right)
I'm not sure who had more or the little one.
Shark tank!
Sting Ray/Horseshoe crab petting tank. Don't fall in!

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