April 30, 2008

Home, Sweet...Bus

I was so happy to see that big red bus sitting in front of the Omaha International Airport waiting for us when we got off our plane this morning.
It may sound silly...but I missed it! We have been on it so much in the last month that it really feels like our home away from home. And get this...I even unpacked already!!
We started our journey out to Nebraska at approximately 3am this morning. My daddy (Southern girls always call their fathers 'daddy'...no matter how old they are)...was kind enough to wake up and drive us up to Norfolk to catch our 6am flight. We used my navigation device to make sure we wouldn't miss any exits on the way to the airport. I should've know this was going to be a sight- my dad vs. the navigation. He talked back to her the entire drive to Virginia. And proceeded to argue with her as she took us through backroads. I had to laugh at him- because through all the arguing, he didn't miss a single turn that she suggested we take. ;)
We had a short layover in Cleveland, which is gave me just enough time to question somethings that go on in airports.
-Security...I'm glad they're there...but why are they all jackasses? I have water in my Little Miss's bottle...and I ask security "Do you have to test this? Because if you do, I'll just pour it out to save time."...and they say "No, it's fine." Yet, once it goes through the xray machine they snatch it away from me and tell me they must test it- it's a regulation...because I said it was water. ?!?!
-Why is it that the automatic toilets (in airports especially) flush 100 times when you are sitting on them, using them...but when you stand up and need them to flush, they refuse?! (AND...why when they flush and you are sitting on them- are they flushing so forcefully that it gets my entire ass wet? Unpleasant.)
-Birds inside airports...how do the get there? Are they ever able to get out? Little Miss and I fed a little Mama Ren bird today...I found it odd that she ate the egg of my sausage, egg and cheese biscuit.
That's all for now :) XOs!

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