December 30, 2008

Pain In My Rear-Tire

"What do you want for Christmas, bud?" my dad asked me, on Christmas Eve. (He's always called me Bud, since I was little...couldn't tell you why.)
"I don't know, Daddy...I'll tell you the same thing I did when I was 7- a horse, haha," I said, only half kidding.

Later that day, while walking past my 4Runner he pointed to my rear, driver's side tire. The words that followed are words I'm not fond of hearing...

"See the nail? Do you want to pull it out or leave it in there?" he asked me.
"Leave it! Isn't that what's keeping the tire inflated?" I responded, he looked at me like I'd given him the wrong answer.
"Okay, do whatever you would do if it was your car," I told him.

He snatched the nail out of the tire and I heard something I really didn't want to hear...

PSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, the air sailing on out of my tire! NOOOO!!

Luckily, my dad was able to push the nail back into the hole in order to temperarily plug the hole. (I tried to hide my I told you so dance from him. )

Later that afternoon my dad took my 4Runner to see if the tire could be plugged or patched. Of course, the nail was in the sidewall- so there would be no patching or plugging...the purchase of a brand new tire would be the only solution. Fan-freakin-tastic. And since I'm all gangsta and have 22's on my 4Runner...that tire would cost me almost triple what it would cost me if I wasn't 'all gangsta'...awesome.

"Well, Daddy...I know what you can get me for Christmas now! :)" I said, with a big grin.

He just laughed...hysterically...and asked me for the cash for the tire.

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