November 13, 2008

Any Excuse to Re-Arrange!

As I've mentioned before, I'm a compulsive re-arranger. Little Miss gave me a great excuse while we were in North Carolina to come home and completely give her room a makeover. The last few weeks we were in NY prior to our two months in NC, I noticed Little Miss was having a really hard time staying asleep in her toddler bed. I attributed this to the fact that she sensed the tour was coming up and just wanted to sleep with us. I think that was about a quarter of it...but once we got to NC she slept like a baby in her big-girl, twin sized bed. Hmmmm. I slept with her one night and noticed that in the middle of her slumber, she would wake up and turn herself completely sideways. (ie: she would practically prop her feet on my stomach, so that the two of us looked like we making the letter 't') If she did this in her toddler bed, she would end up in the floor...which is most likely why she would meet me at her door many nights and force her way into our bed. Long story is her new room!!


Can you tell that both our kitties think the room is theirs?
I left her toddler bed in her room for her stuffed animals...and so she can use it as a couch. She loves that idea- especially since she doesn't have to sleep in it! And you can tell...Borat thinks it's his bed. He's slept on it almost 24/7 since the re-arranging occurred.

Little Miss's birthday present from Bub and Gran'Daddy arrived yesterday...she loves it! I'm hoping she'll cook dinner tonight. ;)


  1. Too cute! When will ya'll be going back down?

  2. I LOVE her new room! Very girly =) I just gave Brennan's room a "BIG BOY" makeover as well! He LOVES sleeping in a BIG bed too...It must be a 2 year old thing to sleep sideways?? He does the same thing.

  3. OMG. It looks great. I love it! You think she and I can be roommates?

  4. i LOVE her room! im so jealous!! i wish i could have that much pink in my bedroom!!

  5. I love the new room Riya, it looks just like I imagined. Your Mom is so talented. Bubbie