October 11, 2008

Horses + Ice Cream = Perfect Saturday

Ah, the weekend.

We spent most of our day riding through Manteo just like this...

Little Miss even took her afternoon nap atop Trouble. (Really, is there any better way to take a nap!?) After our ride, we met with some of my dad's truck-driver pals for dinner. Several of the guys he works with have October birthdays, as does my mom, so we all got together to celebrate. Honestly, I think my dad was just using that as an excuse to show off his grand baby. ;) She had a great time- especially during the dessert portion of our meal. She got to eat and hold her own ice cream cone! A first for her- and shockingly she didn't completely cover herself in it!

She wanted to share...;)

Cheeeeeeeze!Kisses to Grandaddy!
Shopping in the gift shop with Grandaddy- and of course, they both went right for the toy cars!
It was a wonderful day...and I'm totally tuckered out! I wish I could've napped on Trouble this afternoon too!

Tomorrow we are going to take the horses to Nags Head Woods. It's gorgeous back there- I might have to stop and grab a disposable camera for the ride. ;)

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