October 8, 2008

City to City

Whew...the last few days went by too quick! 

From Chicago we went on to Milwaukee, Wisconsin...
  • I got a speeding ticket...on guess what highway? Eden Expressway...right after paying a toll at Eden Spur. (80 in a 65...if you must know.)
  • We spent the night in the hotel where Jeffery Dahmer killed one of his earlier victims. I slept surprisingly well- although I felt like all the workers in the hotel were creepy and robotic. (They had Aveda shampoo...I was particularly thrilled about that.)
  • Ate TGIFriday's in Miller's Park/Brewer's Stadium.
From Milwaukee to Detroit, Michigan...
  • I drove the exact speed limit for the entire 7 hour drive. I cursed as literally every car zoomed past us.
  • I sneezed through 3 states.
  • We ordered the best room service dinner I've ever had in my life- after the show. Homemade French Onion soup like you wouldn't believe!
From Detroit to Cinncinati, Ohio...
  • Again, I drove the exact speed limit for the entire 4.5 hour drive. And again...cursed as literally every car zoomed past us. (I hope they all got speeding tickets too!)
  • We stayed at a gorgeous hotel...that must've been 100+ years old. I was sad to be informed that it would only be open for another 2 weeks.
  • I finally ate at a Steak'n'Shake! (I know...the whole no red meat thing is kind of off. Eh well.) It was incredible! The burgers...the shakes- Oh My God. It's a good thing we don't have one anywhere near us or I'd eat there for literally every meal.
From Cinncinati to the OBX...
  • I woke up after only 2 hours of sleep...and seriously considered switching my flight to the next city on the La Coka tour. The thought of seeing Little Miss in roughly 7 hours made me get out of bed...
  • The rental shuttle dropped me off in the Cinncinati Airport terminal for US Airways...but there were no signs directing me where to find US Airways. There were also no people in the airport.
  • While I looked around, praying for someone to come help me...my duffle bag's shoulder strap broke on both sides. How does that happen at the same exact time!? After I gathered my bag, I finally found out where to find US Airways.
  • My flight to Charlotte was uneventful...except for my ears filling up and refusing to pop until this morning.
  • While I was waiting for my connecting flight to Norfolk, my mom called and informed me that their neighbors doghouse had caught fire...and if they hadn't been getting up early to come get me from the airport- the flames could've caught fire to the neighbors house, as well as my parents house. (The dogs are fine, thankfully!)
I think that's about all the fun stories I have from my trip!

Oh...and since I failed to mention how incredible La Coka's shows were (it really goes without saying)...here are a few pictures-

I'm An American
Today Little Miss and I spent the morning at the aquarium with my daddy. It was lovely. :)

"Does anyone else see the giant alligator behind me"

"Kisses to that adorable baby!! Oh, that's me!"

Check out the octopus hat...how cute is Little Miss? We hoped to find an octopus in the aquarium but were sad to find that he'd just passed away a few days ago..:(


  1. Love the HAT!! Too cute. How did the dog house catch on fire? Didn't they teach their doggies not o play with matches!

  2. i love, Love, LOVE her hat!!!!!

    did someone make it for her?

  3. #1 - That is the cutest hat EVER!!

    #2 - You take the best pictures, and someday I hope you can take pics of my babies. I am always amazed how beautiful your pictures are!!!


  4. I agree- octopus hat is awesome. I'm in love with the "i'm an american" photo. Ama-za-zing!

  5. Love the pics and I agree with everyone else-the hat is just too cute!

    We are free on Wednesday. Have Riya text Kingston or else email me! Let's get together for sure!

  6. I can't believe you've never ben to a Steak n' Shake! Just kidding, I'd never been to one until I moved to WF. And now I go there at least once a week! Love the pics AND Riya's hat. Too cute!! :)

  7. Better watch out. Steak n' Shake is addicting!
    (it's not easy having one just a couple of miles from our house!)

  8. Aw, giving up on the no beef? I went full vegetarian so I'll make up for it ;) Steak 'n Shake is a good reason though! If you're in Raleigh ever, go to Char-Grill. It's like S'nS...but a million times better...little local place.