May 11, 2010


Although funerals are never pleasant- it does tend to bring family members together that may not have seen each other in quite some time.

This was the case for me. Two years ago I swore I wouldn't be in the same room with my cousin, Johnna until she had been clean and free from drugs for several years. I swore I wouldn't let my daughter around her- because I remember being hurt so badly by promises Johnna would make to me...and I didn't want the same for Little Miss. But sometimes...promises we make to ourselves get broken easier than promises we make to others. The day before Aunt Ruby passed away, I walked over to her house & found Johnna in her yard...planting flowers. She was eleated to look up & see us coming towards her...and I must admit, so was I. My cousin, with all her flaws and f*ck ups (sorry, there is just no other way to put it) is a good-hearted person. She loves her family...but sometimes her addiction sufficates that love & she hurts all of us more than she will ever realize. When she's drug-free, she's a wonderful person. Today, I'm enjoying that drug-free, wonderful person...because tomorrow, she may not be that person.

Anyway...after seeing Johnna for the first time in two years, Little Miss immediately fell for her. I saw the twinkle in both of their eyes and it took me back to the mounds of memories I have with Johnna. From horse rides (before I had my own) to tiger adventures...yes, tigers- she took me to see baby tigers when I was Little Miss's age & the baby tiger took my pacifier. I have photos to prove it. (And yes, I was almost 4 and still carried a pacifier...and look, I'm fine!) Little Miss picked flowers with her, played hide and seek- anything Little Miss asked, Johnna did.
Little Miss also fell for another who she actually fell for several years ago.
They actually might've fought for her attention a little...;-)

Remember my aunt who had heart surgery a couple years ago? Can you believe how great she looks?! She's the definition of a fighter. And Tabb, again...she just oozes happiness, doesn't she? :-)
I know some people don't take pictures at/before/after funerals...but we do. We took advantage of Aunt Ruby's beautiful yard, something she was so proud of, and the fact that we were all 'dolled up'. You know, we live in the South- you're hard pressed to get us out of our camo! (I'm just kidding...I don't even own any camo- ok, that's a lie.)

The reason Tabb is oozing happiness...
...simply b/c I'm her favorite...there, I said it.

This is a typical face made by my daddy...I'm not sure what he was saying, but I know Tabb took this picture- which means whatever he was saying is probably not blog-appropriate.
Aunt Ruby's caregivers for many years...her nieces and nephew.
No matter how old Aunt Ruby's girls were...she always called them her girls. And no matter how old I am...I'll always be one of her babies.
Little Miss's favorite snack of the day...

And I have to put this in was buried with my sweet, feisty Aunt Ruby- her coffee-pot. It was on every day, all-day...she drank so much that I'm quite sure she bled coffee.

Thank you, Aunt Ruby...for bringing us all together again.


  1. it's great to see such big smiles on everyone's faces and Aunt Ruby wouldn't have it any other way! And Hope looks wonderful!!!

  2. This is really sweet. I'm glad something that can typically be a sad occasion was a time when you and your family could share smiles and enjoy each others' company.