June 16, 2010

Happy Birthday, Big Girl Jeni!!

As you know, our family doesn't need much of an excuse to celebrate. But we had a great excuse this week...Little Jeni turned 5!

Jeni, who we constantly call Little Jeni because she was named after my grandmother...made it known that she is no longer a little girl- she's now a big girl. Within the same breath of saying hello and hugging me, she informed me that she no longer sucked her thumb and she'd planned to eat most of her peas and even though she had her blanket, she didn't have to have her blanket....all because she's 5.
We spent the evening at my aunt and uncle's home eating pizza, ice cream and cake...telling stories and laughing. Some of us spent some of the evening in a princess tent. It was a wonderful night...and Little Miss was so exhausted she didn't even make it over the bridge before she was sleeping soundly.
By cake and ice cream...I meant, mostly icing.
I think it's safe to say they pretty much adore each other. I've never seen two little girls get along so well...as I knock repeatedly on my wooden desk. They work very hard to make sure the other one doesn't get her feelings hurt.

Jeni wanted to make sure Little Miss didn't feel left out of her birthday celebration- so she even let her blow out her big 5 candle. After she blew it out first, of course.
Big Gully got attacked by some little girls with icing fingers. I believe this was Little Miss's favorite part of the evening!

I'm pretty sure this is the definition of a great birthday celebration...icing on your face. :)

Happy Birthday, Jeni! We love you! (And happy mommyhood anniversary to you, Angie! You're a wonderful mother & I am so glad we can share our girls! Even though mine looks more like you than she does me...)

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  1. Simply beautiful little girls! You have captured the essence of their love and innocence!