May 6, 2011

More Than A Fundraiser!

This past  Thursday was one of my favorite dinners of the year. And yes, it's partly because I don't exactly have to cook.

Little Miss's preschool had their annual spaghetti dinner- which funds the preschool/after-school program! The teachers start working on this even months in advance because it's profits are what helps buy supplies for the upcoming school year. The day-of, parents, grandparents and well, anyone who will agree to help, join together to cut vegetables, stir sauce, boil noodles and cut vegetables.

...and did I mention cutting vegetables? I think we should all take a moment to bow down to the largest carrots I've ever seen- much less cut!
 Only minor injuries were endured in the making of the above salads.
That is not my hand...but I can assure you that my hand looked no different by the time I left- thanks to the extra-sharp knives of some fisherman. (Sucker sliced through glove and all! Yowsah!)

Thankfully, my daddy was available to take over my shift so I could run home and bake my dessert for the evening. (He left with less injury, you'll be pleased to know.)

Not that we were lacking in the dessert department. Let me tell you something, these parents can bake! It was worth the money for the dinner just for the desserts! Did I mention they're all homemade? Yes, even mine...and to my knowledge, I didn't make anyone sick. (Score one for me and my cooking skills!)

This night is about more than noodles, sauce and desserts. It's more than just a fundraiser. This event brings our small community together. We're able to really visit with our neighbors, who we may only see when we're rushing to work or to run errands. It gives us a moment to look around at those who share this space with us and be thankful for their presence.

We're able to look at our children- and laugh together at their silliness. We're able to look at how they've grown since the last spaghetti dinner. We're able to take a moment to share a story about our crazy dogs. (Okay, so I was the only one sharing. But the mayor did inform me we can now have chickens in the town limits!)

While I'm sure a great deal of money was raised on this special night, nothing could be more valuable than the memories made while preparing and eating the delicious meal. Thank you, Shon & Scarlett for all your hard work all year- and particularly for the spaghetti dinner. We love you.


  1. That's so great! The food looks fantastic!

  2. Wow......whos hand was all messed up like that?!
    Looks like someone needs to learn how to use a knife! lol......thanks for the pictures Eden....Laurie