August 2, 2011

The Split's what happened.
I meshed my two blogs together a while back- you know, I thought that would be easier to accomplish timely posts b/c I'd only have the one blog to worry about. Then, I realized that I didn't exactly want to write about my personal, personal life on my 'business' blog because- well, because I can be kind of opinionated at times. Not that I'm not open to hearing others opinions, but it's difficult to get that particular point accross when you're only expressing your own opinion. So, I split them again...and then I got to busy with work to even tell my husband about my day, much less post on my blog.
I miss writing. I've said it before, it was my first, one of them. And I will tell you, the crazy stuff that goes on in this little life of ours? It's worthy of a few blog posts here and there. I think you'll laugh, I really do.
Why do I have time to write today, you may ask? I hurt my back. Yes, me and my rap-sheet worth of back problems are adding on. Yay, me. I'm not sure what exactly I did to deserve all this, but it has literally knocked me on my butt.
Let's not dwell on that.
Last night, after Little Miss had pretty much pulled out all the stops to avoid bedtime. I gave up. I kissed her head, took my pain pill and came to my own bed. A few minutes later, my presense was needed in her room. She let me know that her new baby bear, Daisy Mae, was sad. She missed her friends at Wal-Mart and needed to sleep with me. Although it was cute, it didn't win me over. I kissed her goodnight & came back to bed. She called again- I got up...again. She told me she had to tell me something.
"Mama, when I get older, I'm going to have kids...and I'm going to make them sleep in their own beds, too," she told me.
"That's good, baby. Goodnight," I said.
"No, wait. And when they get older...they're going to have their own babies too. And I think they're going to make them sleep in their own beds too."
"Uh huh," I said.
"And then I will be old. Very old........and rich!!"
I was taken back a little. Rich? I don't think I've ever said that word in her presense, much less to her. To be sure she meant she'd be rich b/c she'd have all these healthy babies and love and happiness....

" means with money. So I can buy whatever I want and stay up past my bedtime," she corrected me.
Well...apparently when she's old- she can pay me off to stay up late? That's what I took from that. See? Not necessarily the opinion I'd like future clients to read prior to meeting me.
The split was a good decision.

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