September 7, 2011


Little Miss started her last year of preschool today! She was to-the-moon with excitement until we got ready to walk out the door.

"I don't know...Ummm, I am a little nervous and I think I should go back inside and go back to sleep for a little while," she told me.

She totally knows the way to her mother's heart- sleep. Offer sleep & see what happens.

Once we got to the school, I saw this adorable little sign- welcoming us back to preschool. I asked Little Miss if she'd like her photo taken & of course, she was all "umm duh, mom!"

I backed up, lifted my camera and this happened....

...those poses were totally unprompted. I did bring her personal wind machine though, in case you were wondering.

In we went, Little Miss was greeted by her BFF and I became slightly invisible.

Painting As...I was moved to tears that she hopped right to it. (No, I'm not exaggerating- that's why I brought the big camera- to capture memories and hide tears.)


Now she's home and ready for day number 2 tomorrow!! I'm so proud of my lil gal!!