September 27, 2012


Family. They can drive you crazy. They can hold you when you cry. They can make you laugh until your sides hurt. They can hurt you- and because they're family, you forgive them.

All families have their issues. They have arguments and go through periods of time where they don't speak. But the thing with family is that nothing will ever change the fact that you are are family. We stand by our family...which can make arguments among family members difficult for innocent bystanders. While we want to stand by and support those in the 'ring'...we want to be able to continue our own bonds, as well.

I decided today that life is too short for rifts, arguments and silence. Before we know it, the chance to call & say "Hey...this is out of hand- let's fix it and make happy memories" will be gone. Reminiscing about past memories together, won't be possible. Sharing those memories with the younger generations will be lost in the shuffle of an argument that grew faster and larger than a crop smothered with miracle grow. An argument that began so long ago...we're all thinking "wait...what is it we're fighting for, again?"

So today...I reached out to family members I haven't spoken to since Little Miss was a wee-one. I put myself in the position to get rejected- to have my olive branch swatted right back at me. I opened my arms (via facebook- it's not just for cyber bullies!) and my heart to my family...because I felt in my heart, it was what I needed to do. For me, selfishly...just for me. Even if the olive brach is swatted away, I won't harbor ill feelings. I will know I did what I needed (for me) to heal my own heart.

But coffee, memory sharing and kids playing in the near-future sure would be nice. ;-)


  1. Can't wait to get the girls together. Life is too short for ill feelings. I'd never reject you. We love you Eden. Can't wait to see y'all soon. Thanks for the add.

    1. You're absolutely right! Can't wait to get together & let the girls play. Love ya'll :)

  2. Canyon wait to see y'all. The girls will play so good together. Thanks for reaching out. I love y'all