September 29, 2012

Nail Polish & Roses

Sometimes, you just need a little pampering with your 'sister from another mister'...I swear, sometimes nail polish will fix what ails ya. Little Miss and I spent the day with my "turtle" sissy, her broken back and her precious 1 year old little girl. It was a total "girlie" day complete with a photo shoot and bubbly pedicures. (Sidenote: nail polish remover will win in a battle against a kitchen table.)

Little Miss loves hanging with younger pals, like little Gracie. So much so, that tonight when we discussed our rose and thorn of our day- she said her rose was spending the day with Gracie...and her thorn? Having to leave Gracie. Is your heart melting? Mine rose instantly became hearing about her rose/thorn!

A few nights ago, I mentioned I'd extended an olive branch to a few special family members my heart has been missing. While I was prepared for any outcome, I received emails and calls from them that were filled with love, thankfulness and excitement. I was a total sap and cried when I read their messages. We all agreed that we could focus on making new memories, remembering happy past ones...and close the chapter (that didn't directly involve us) of negativity.

I would have to say reuniting with family and learning about their current lives, even through calls/emails, was the rose of my week. And my thorn? Well...I can't say I have one.

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  1. This is very sweet Eden. We think of u and little miss often. Can't wait for them to meet. Love y'all! Thanks. And love the blog malori