October 2, 2012

Tiny Dancer

A few weeks ago, Little Miss began dance class again. It's her third go-'round in ballerina training and she absolutely loves every second of it. I got to sneak into her class this week to snap a few know, because I'm that mom. The one who's like "You won't even know I'm here! Click, click...can we turn the lights up a bit? How about this shade? Can we raise it?"

That's a lie...I really was quiet- and I think most of the tiny ballerinas forgot I was there and those who didn't just smiled extra big every time they caught my camera's eye.

It was fun to see Little Miss in her dance element. She's shyer than I imagined...and very no-nonsense. To love the class as much as she does, I only caught her smiling once or twice. Homegirl had her game face on.

I never took dance growing up...because I have two left feet and couldn't dance if my life depended on it. That said- most dance-days when Little Miss tells me what she's learned, I smile and say how proud I am...then google whatever she has said. I've learned a lot of fun words and since I became a "ballet class crasher" the other day, I can now put those words to better use.

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(Yes, she has a tattoo on her arm. That's how she rolls.)
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Lean with it...rock with it...what? That's not the song...oh. Right..and I'm supposed to be quiet. Right, right.
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Little Miss getting a little extra help from her newest teacher, Miss Bri.
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After my "class crash" I kind of want to join dance, myself..Ms. Lisa? Miss Bri? I think I'd probably work well at the preschool there a spot for me? My slippers are ready! ;-)


  1. Awww I love it!!!! Come on whenever you'd like! I absolutely love working with all the girls... just trying to work on Little Miss to become a little less shy! Ill get it out of her before the end of the year:) great pictures!

    1. She will bust out of her shell- she really likes you, Brianna! Thank you for spending extra time with her...she loves that. I've heard your name about a million times since Monday! :)