October 19, 2012

First Field Trip

Little Miss had her first field trip this week. Naturally, I was nervous about it...because that's what I do- I worry. I'd considered not attending the first trip- because it was right here in town...and it would be good for her to spread her wings...yadda yadda...then I decided I was thinking irrationally and definitely needed to chaperone.

The kindergarteners took the activity bus over to the Island Farm...which was a much bigger deal than the field trip itself. Who doesn't love a bus ride?! Little Miss was thrilled to tell me all about it when we met at the welcome center of the farm. 

Sidenote: Parents had to pay separately. I had prepared for this & stuck cash in my purse. But apparently they only take correct change!? Um, really? No change for a $20!? What's a girl to do?

We've visited the Island Farm on several occasions. Little Miss enjoys it...but the chickens and roosters always freak her out. They are very social and will trot right over to you! (And I mean, step-on-your-toes, right over to you!) Maybe she is sensing my nervousness around them. When I was little, we had a duck named Peaches. (Yes, I named her. She was my easter present.) Peaches was evil. She had no idea she was a duck, she was quite sure she was a guard dog, of sorts. She would chase people out of our yard- and if you weren't quick enough, she'd bite you...and draw blood. So I'm always kind of leery around big birds...they're kind of gangster, you know?

Baby Lilly didn't mind the chickens.

After a presentation by a man who was slightly less friendly than the chickens/roosters he was discussing, the kiddos were allowed to pet a hen. Little Miss looked on as her friends and teachers touched her...while she kept her hands firmly placed in her lap. 

For the last few weeks, Little Miss has been telling me about her 'boyfriend' Alonso. I met the little fella yesterday and can tell he's quite smitten with her. He stuck right to her during the whole trip. She got a little embarrassed when I asked to take a photo of the two of them. Can you tell?

After chowing down on some squished PB&J, Little Miss climbed back onto the bus and went back to school. I followed the bus and honked like a maniac when they turned back into her school. That's right...I'm that mom.

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