November 6, 2012

What Does Gay Mean?

"Mama, what does gay mean?" asked Little Miss, while we watched television tonight.

"It's when boys date other boys, instead of girls- or when girls date other girls, instead of boys," I said, all while questioning if this was the politically correct answer to the question.

I mean, is there a politically correct answer?

On this election day, I couldn't help but take the words "politically correct" literally. Politicians are constantly trying to take rights away from gay why would I want to be politically correct while defining something that is important to me, to my daughter? President Obama is for same sex marriage...while Governor Romney is very much against it. In the split second between my response and Little Miss's reply, I wondered...will she ever see an America where same sex marriage is recognized legally?

"Oh. Okay. Well, Alonso is my boyfriend- so I guess I'm not gay. But it's fine if my friends are!" she said.

I smiled so big it hurt my face. If only adults could take advice from the younger generation...I'm not gay. But it's fine if my friends are.

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  1. Little Miss B is very wise beyond her years! :) That made my heart smile and she's not even my daughter!