November 7, 2012

A Familiar Voice

The night of Little Miss's birthday, we went to our favorite local movie theater to watch Hotel Transylvania. This little theater is one of a kind- you can't possibly spend a twenty dollar bill, no matter how much popcorn and candy you buy. It's amazing.

About five minutes into the movie, Little Miss turned to me and motioned for me to lean to her.

" Gran'Pa Braunstein an actor now?!" she whispered with excitement.

"No, sweetie- I don't think so...why?" I asked.

"Because...I think he is! I think he has to be the voice of Dracula!!" she said.

I didn't argue. I watched her as she proudly watched the rest of the movie, positive that her grandfather (who is originally from Romania) was the voice of a character in her new favorite movie.

The next day, she decided to dress as Mavis, Dracula's daughter, for Halloween. She loves her Gran'Pa. ;-)

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