November 13, 2012

Bedtime Conversations

Our evening routine is one of my favorite parts of the day. Little Miss and I snuggle up together with the iPad and read to each other. Sometimes she reads an entire book, sometimes I do...and sometimes we read together. It's one of the few times throughout the day that there are no 'life' interruptions. We are each other's captive audience.

After reading, we talk about the rose/thorn of our days...which sometimes carries over to random chatter. Recently, Little Miss has attempted to prolong the actual 'sleep' part of our nightly routine, by spouting out bits of information- just as I think she's fallen asleep.

Tiny heart attacks occur with each story...because I think she's asleep until all of a sudden, her head pops up and I hear...

"Keena is older than me. Everyone in my dance class is...except the ones who aren't," she says.
"Oh...okay, well let's go to sleep now."

Minutes pass by. The dog is snoring under my feet.

"Snakes can eat otters...and rats...did you know that-"
I interupt.
"Thats amazing...but it's time for sleep. Thank you for all the information though!"
" you, Mama!" she says with a kiss, then closes her eyes again.

More time passes. The dog snores of the animals fart and in the midst of me gasping for air, I hear a whisper.

"The person who plays Avery on 'Dog with a Blog' was on 'Good Luck, Charlie' first...did you know that, Mama?"
"I didn't. But I do know that you are supposed to be sleeping!"

Less than one minute later.

"I can spell olive....................... I just did it in my head."

At this point, I'm trying to fight back the giggles. Quite honestly, Little Miss sounds like she's having a half drunk conversation with herself.

I tell her once again, it's time to stop talking and go to sleep. For the love of worms and dirt, child...aren't you the least bit tired?! More time passes...she's snuggled on my arm and feels like a wet noodle. I'm quite certain she's asleep.

"Do you know what happens after art? ...I don't either."

My eyeballs fall out of my head.

Seconds later, she's snoring.

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