July 18, 2013

Diamonds, A Girls Best Friend

When Little Miss was born, one of the first questions people asked (after "When are you having another one?!") was "Are you getting her ears pierced?! You should just go ahead and do it while she's young & won't remember it."

While I understand this theory, I couldn't imagine letting (and paying) someone to put something sharp through my baby's skin! I had a hard enough time letting her get shots! I always kindly responded, "Oh...when she is old enough to ask for earrings- I will gladly take her to get her ears pierced!"

Over the last 6 years, I've asked Little Miss if she'd like to get her ears pierced numerous times. For the most part, she has emphatically told me absolutely-the-hell-not if it is going to hurt even the slightest little bit. And I was totally fine with that.

About a month ago, Little Miss's great-uncle bought her a beautiful angel necklace with matching earrings- not realizing her ears weren't pierced. She was thrilled with the necklace...so thrilled in fact, that she asked me (a first) about getting her ears pierced.

"Would you let me get them pierced?" she asked, eyes wide & curious.

"Of course!!" I said. (Kind of excited b/c quite frankly, how cute would my little diva be in some sassy little earrings!?)

"But........will it hurt?!"

"It will hurt a little. Not as bad as a shot- but kind of like that," I explained.

"I'm going to ask my friends," she told me.

I can only assume she decided to ask her friends because she knew she would get a response that would make her feel brave enough to move forward with the ear piercing. One friend said it stung, one said it didn't hurt at all...because she had them done when she was a newborn & didn't remember it- but she failed to mention that part.

A few days later we had to go to VA & decided it would be fun to get her ears done while we were there. I began researching piercing locations because you know...I'm nuts & couldn't possibly just go to the Claire's. We selected a location and all our tummies were a-flutter with excitement.

We walked around the counter and looked through hundreds of pairs of earrings before choosing the perfect ones. A younger little girl was getting her ears pierced while we looked...and she was a total champ. She didn't even flinch! (Clearly her parents drugged her. No way homegirl didn't flinch at all!) This got Little Miss all amped- she was sure it wasn't going to hurt. She climbed into the chair with her head held high...until she saw the piercing gun.

"Is that a gun?!" she asked.

"Yes, this is what pushes the earring through your ear!" the clerk said.

While she looked more nervous than before, she was still determined to go through with it. Deep breaths...one, two, three...one ear done!

The look on her face went from excited to horrified. Her eyes filled up and her face turned blood red.

"They...lied to me!!" she yelped, tears rolling.

"Who? Who lied to you?" I asked.

"My friends!! This HURTS!!!!!!!!!!" she exclaimed.

It was safe to say I was positive we would be coming home with only one earring at that point. We talked and snuggled for a few moments and decided that it would be silly to only have one- so bam, the next earring went in. Even though both the clerk and I told Little Miss the second ear always hurt less, she was positive that it hurt even worse than the first one. The only thing that could possibly make her feel better was a trip to the Build-A-Bear store...which ironically (or strategically) happened to be located right across from the piercing place. Oh happy day!

We decided it would be fun to put the receipt from her ear piercing into her new bear...to remember all the fun from the day. (Little Miss kept reminding me that there was nothing fun about the piercing- it hurt & her friends lied to her...it was an awful day.)

Now, almost three weeks later- Little Miss has taken amazing care of her new ear piercings...cleaning them twice a day & turning them often. She says they only hurt the first day & now she loves them! She's been showing off her earrings & letting folks know that diamonds are a girls best friend. (They don't lie to you about piercing pain!) Just a few more weeks before she can change them!

I caught a little video of the blessed event...tears and all. Warning: it will make your heart hurt a little.

Thankfully, Little Miss has forgiven her friends for stretching the truth! Whew!!

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