July 23, 2013

DBE Death By Exercise

A few weeks ago, while shopping with one of my most favorite gal-pals at the Maxx, we found ourselves in the workout gear section. (I'm not even sure what the proper term is for that section- shows how often I workout!) She mentioned she'd signed up for a 5k with her work...I joked that if I ran a 5k, the person trying to rob me must be a really horrible thief. Then something happened...you guys- something came over me, I kind of wanted to do the 5k too. It was the strangest feeling. I'm the valedictorian of the couch-to-5k dropout program...where was this odd urge coming from!?

Okay, so maybe it was a chicken-or-the-egg situation...because we'd found these really cute workout pants that matched- which naturally, made me want to buy & wear them somewhere. Then I had to get shoes b/c you can't jalk (jog + walk) a 5k without good shoes! (Who needs an excuse to buy shoes? Not this girl.) In just a few short hours, I went from making fun of the 5k to joining in on the party.

Side note: We might've had to rush right home & try on our workout gear...that may have occurred- while I'm not confirming nor admitting that we did that like two 6 year olds with new dress-up gear.

The 5k started at 7am the following morning- and we were amped. We had a healthy, runner-friendly dinner planned- like total pros. Then the power went out. Like...O-U-T out. It stayed out until midnight. It was like 300 degrees outside- and oh yea, we had been horseback riding so we smelled wonderful. (We ended up having to eat dinner at Outback b/c we really had no other options closeby- but that disaster is a post in itself.)

Running on just a few short hours of sleep, literally, we arrived early to the 5k lineup. We had decided that we should run the very beginning because...well, because of peer pressure. Other people were running & we couldn't just walk...that would be tragic for all involved. (Or just for me. Whatever.) The few minutes jogging nearly killed me. Death by exercise...DBE. I thought I was going to pass out. I was looking into rental homes as we passed by, deciding whether or not they were rented...contemplating if they would report me if I just dove right into their pool. I pushed on...legs on fire. At mile marker 1, I started to feel a little better...a little less panicked. About a half mile later, the burning fire going up my legs disappeared. At the moment, I was pretty sure my legs had just gone numb from the pain. (I learned this was lactic acid build up on my muscles...who knew!)

I felt pretty good about myself once the pain stopped & I realized I really wasn't going to be hauled off in an ambulance. That is, right up until I saw a 5 year old jog passed me. At first, she kind of deflated my happy bubble. But after a few minutes of watching her, I realized- I want to be that little girl. If she can do this, so can I! (And I think I should be entitled to get piggy back rides when I get tired too...just saying.)

So far this whole workout thing is going good...this is the most I've ever kept up with working out in my entire life. Who knew working out in the mornings could give you so much energy and motivation!? I'm definitely not in shape enough to run the next 5k- but I know I'll be able to run more than I did last time...and as long as I can top myself- that's all that matters! Whoop whoop for me! ;-)

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