October 14, 2013

Spider Mama

Charlotte's Web was one of my most favorite movies in the world, growing up. So naturally, when Little Miss came home from school wanting to snuggle and watch the glorious story about 'some pig'...I was all about it!

After the movie, homework, dinner and some playtime- I was drained. Why was I drained? Because Little Miss's attitude was just as rotten as a tomato that had been in the sun too long. Foul. I fussed...and nothing changed. We argued...nothing changed. By bedtime, my attitude matched hers.

"The only reason I fuss about your attitude and correct your manners is because...it's my job to make sure you grow up to be a nice, kind, polite person..." I explained to her, as we discussed our days before bed.

"I want people to hear you speak and think Wow! What a polite young lady! Not...Ugh, here comes Little Miss Bossy Pants with no manners!"

She looked deep into my eyes as I spoke. I felt like she was really picking up what I was putting down...it was finally resonating with her!


"Yes, baby?" I said, thinking she was going to apologize for her earlier actions.

"I'm glad we aren't spiders...because...if we were- you'd be dead. We wouldn't have met!" she tells me.

"Oh...well, I'm glad we aren't spiders too!" I say.

My question is this. Is she comparing us to spiders because she loves me so much and would be sad if she didn't know me? Or is she thinking that, if I was a dead-spider-mama, I wouldn't be punishing her for her attitude? Either way...I am pretty happy to be a human.


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