October 15, 2013

Having a Falling Out with a Tooth

It happened. My little one lost her first tooth...and I missed it.

We discovered the loose tooth on the way to the airport. Well...actually, we discovered it's replacement tooth, that was coming in just behind the baby tooth.

"I think I have a cavity!" Little Miss said.

'A cavity...let me see...OMG a new tooth!" I said, clearly shocked.

The entire ride home, Little Miss wiggled the loose tooth. We discussed different types of food she could try eating to loosen it up even more...and even (jokingly) talked about tying a string to it & yanking it out.

A week went by and the tooth was literally hanging on by a thred. I had a shoot to get to...and we had tried everything to get the tooth out before I left. I begged Little Miss to not lose the tooth while I was gone...not this one, anyway...it is the first one.

"My tooth came out. I am sorry," was the text I received about an hour later. I teared up...at my photoshoot...in front of my clients.

I got home and joined the excitement of waiting for the Tooth Fairy! Little Miss was beyond excited and had a bit of a tough time falling asleep. She must've woken up just as the tooth fairy was swapping cash for the tooth- because not only did she (or he? We must be PC!) leave money in the tooth box, but he/she also left a gold coin taped to the outside of the front door! (Creative fairy, eh?)

I am determined not to miss the next tooth-fallout. And apparently, so are her teeth b/c not one is loose.

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