June 12, 2015

What a Wonderful Year

Yesterday was the last day of Little Miss's 2nd grade career. 

I can't...I just...can't. Where has time gone? Why is it that, as she gets older, time goes by faster? {and somehow I don't age a day, weird}

As I walked her down the hall to her classroom, we walked past the room she spent her kindergarden year in. It took me back to the first day I walked her into the elementary school. I had butterflies in my belly and tears running down my cheeks- she held her head high and was ready to start her school day.

We walked past her first grade classroom...and again, I went back in time to the memories in that particular classroom. The two teachers who will undoubtedly always hold a very special place in my heart.- they helped both Little Miss and I through many life changes in one short school year. They always seemed to know when I needed an extra, "She's doing fine...and so are you, Mom" or when Little Miss needed an extra hug at morning drop off.

This year, Little Miss started the school year upstairs- and midway through the year, moved to a new classroom in the new wing of the school. I remember the fear she had, at the beginning of the year, of falling up the stairs. {let's face it, she's her mother's child} Those fears have now faded.

As we rounded the corner and walked into her classroom, I became overwhelmed with emotion. {my baby is about to be a third grader} I kept it together while we gave her teacher our "thank you for rocking our 2nd grade experience" gift. Little Miss's teacher this year has also been so extremely special to us. We had our first experience with a bullying situation- and Little Miss so desperately did not want to be a tattle tale, so she held back telling anyone at school what was happening. When I told her teacher- she reacted immediately. It was so difficult to watch my little one be upset- and not be able to resolve the issue for her. To try to teach her how to resolve it on her own- without turning into a bully herself. Thanks to her teacher being 'on it' and her mommy-instincts kicking in too- within days, the situation was resolved and the girls were friends. {seriously, she worked some magic or voodoo or something} 

When I left Little Miss in her classroom, for her last day in second grade, I thought back to my second grade year. The field trips...the day my dad picked me up on my horse, Sham...the laughter....the last year before 'real' school stress began- it was a wonderful year. Both times I was able to experience the second grade...they were both such wonderful years.

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