January 7, 2016

Male Brain vs. Female Brain

I truly believe the male and female brains operate very differently. Whoever wrote Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus was definitely on to something.

I'm one of those rare humans who is almost never in a bad mood. It's just a waste of time- why dwell on a bad day? Who are you punishing? Yourself...that's who. So...when someone is grumpy I do my best to make them smile, laugh, relax, see the positive, etc. I'm an aggravating little ray of sunshine that will blind your gloomy day...seriously, ask my husband. When that doesn't work, especially with my husband, my brain instantly assumes that it's me. I've done something to upset him...otherwise why wouldn't my sunshine be accepted and enjoyable? #thenerve #whodoesntlovesunshine

"Are you mad at me, boo?"

"No, I'm just tired."

For about 35 seconds, I believe him. Then I decide that he's totally lying.

"Are you sure? Because if you were just tired- you wouldn't be in a bad mood...you would just be...still," I argue, you know, because it's what I do.

"Yes, honey...I'm just tired and enjoying the quiet," he looks at me like he was enjoying the quiet until junior prosecutor shined the blinding ray of sunshine in his eyes.

"Okay..." I say, still not believing him because even when I'm tired I'm not quiet. {Hell, I don't even sleep quietly #idoeverythingloud}

After about 15 minutes of quiet, I'm sure that he has noticed I'm pouting...but what is he doing? He is simply enjoying the quiet because he is tired from spending the previous three days building stalls for our horses. {for me} But in my erratic and irrational state {not bad mood, to be clear} I can't see that. I can only see that he is being quiet because he is clearly unhappy in life and may have stopped loving me all together.

{I might should mention that during this particular study...I was on my period. #auntfloisabitch}

A few days later, once my mind was clear and I had stopped eating fried everything with a side of hershey kisses, I laid my findings all out on the table.

"So...what your telling me is that when you are tired or in a bad mood- you just want to be left alone?" I asked, in an obvious this is ridiculous tone.

"Yes!! Exactly! And it's not because you did anything or because it's your fault...but when you ask me 8 million times, it quickly begins to be your fault," he replies.

See? Male Brain vs. Female Brain.

"I did not ask 8 million times....I asked 3 times...5 tops," I said, smiling and knowing it was about 7 times.

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