January 5, 2016

Not at all Politically Correct

{Not exactly G rated}

I have always avoided talking about money, religion or politics with friends and family. Those three topics will guarantee a heated debate and those that know me know I can argue with a wall- and that just generally pisses people off. I am opinionated and can be outspoken, so certain topics I shy away from.

With that said, in this particular post I'm not shying away from anything. After watching the last few Presidential debates (both elephant and donkey) I can't get past who our front-runners are. I know other people have to have kicked back and said "So...on the one side we have the reality TV guy...and on the other side we have the wife of a former President who got a blowy in the Oval."

{I know, all 5 of you that read my blog probably just unfriended me on Facebook.}

I'm not the only one who is thinking this, am I? Yes, I know that both candidates have done more than just what is mentioned above. But to me- those are the first things that come to mind. {pun accidentally intended} We will either end up with a man who fires everyone, or a woman who can't even stand up to her own husband. (But she'll stand beside him, apparently.) It makes me wonder how other countries will view us. Granted, in recent years I think they have kind of looked at us like we are a nation in a bad relationship...but we are still a respected nation, and rightly so.

News feeds were clogged with clips of The Donald speaking out on shutting down our borders and banning Muslims all-together. Initially, I wondered why he spoke so irrationally. {I mean, who else in history has hated an entire religion? I'm just saying- it started a world war.} Then it hit me- he always speaks without a filter. He isn't a politician by-trade...he's doesn't have the refined manner the others on the stage, on either side, have. However, by speaking irrationally he got free advertising. That is a business move, not necessarily a political move. He got the world talking- good or bad- about his campaign. #nopressisbadpress 

Then we have Hil...who is well-spoken and refined, totally politically correct. {Except for those emails and that time her husband got impeached.} She doesn't get flustered or speak irrationally, for the most part. She's a woman...which as gals go- I kind of have to be behind her a little and whisper "Girl Power!" and do air-high-fives, right? But...I can't high-five her because- do you guys have any clue what I would do if my husband did what ole Bubba did? I'm just saying- I can filet the hell out of a fish and Lorena Bobbitt wouldn't have a thing on me. #myknifegameistight {Except for that time I almost cut my finger off slicing a lemon}

There is a part of me that likes them both- and hates them both. I know that is impossible- you have to be red or blue. But I'm a Libra- we don't do that. We weigh our options and sometimes our best option is right down the middle. I want to be purple- the mixture of the two. I want the right to carry a gun in my purse, plus the right to have an abortion. {Maybe not all on the same day.} I am realistic- it doesn't make sense to me to take our right to bear arms away anymore than it makes sense to take away a woman's right to choose. 

Maybe it wouldn't be a bad thing to have a non-politician in the White House. The politicians that have resided there the last 16 years haven't done the best job, in my opinion...and we had one of each! Or on the flip side...maybe a woman can tidy up the mess in there? Eh, not sure.

In the meantime...I'm still planning to vote for Fitz. {As long as I can be Liv...or Gabby- I could whip that press room into serious shape.}

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