February 21, 2023

Morning Drives

Morning Drives.

Since Little Miss began her school career, our morning drives have been some of my favorite times of the day. The process of getting to the drive might’ve been questionable, being two strong-willed gals who don’t wake up especially loving mornings, but the drive has always been our time. From kindergarten on, she has been our official car DJ choosing everything from Carrie Underwood to Wu-Tang. (We are a diverse duo.) In between songs, we would briefly discuss what was on our agenda for the day, which would oftentimes include excitement to see pals or mutual hate for PE class.

Now she’s 16, and while she isn’t driving on her own quite yet, our rolls have already reversed a bit. Sitting in the passenger side of my best friend's ride…(if you know, you know) now I’m the DJ. I catch myself turning down the music so she can focus, and watching as she promptly turns it back up. I remember doing the same maneuver with my mom.

As the days grow nearer for her to get her full license, I can’t help but feel so many emotions. This is a vessel that will carry her to her future, in the literal sense. And while I’m so proud of the goals that drive her each and every day, I’m selfishly already missing our morning drives together.

Little Miss- I hope you remember our drives as fondly as I do. And don’t forget your part in Shoop, whether I’m sitting next to you, or just in your heart. I love you, my baby!

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