May 12, 2008

Mother’s Day 2008

Just in case you are a Mommy and I did not get a chance to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day on Sunday…Happy Mother’s Day!! ;)
We spent our day in Richmond, VA and I was not only fortunate enough to spend the entire day with Little Miss, but also with my mom and dad! We had an early dinner at Morton’s Steakhouse, which was incredible. It was my first time and I am hooked! It took sincere determination to finish my Hot Chocolate Cake, but somehow I did.
Braunsteins, Spencers and Slaine at Morton’s
This little one is what made Mom’s Mother’s Day.
It was Mom’s first show so she was very excited to meet everyone and see everyone’s performances. (Daddy is a veteran at hiphop shows, you know.) It was cute to hear my mom tell my dad after meeting Paul Wall, “Awww, he is soooo southern, isn’t he!?” Which, if you know anything about my family…so are we!
Right before the show started- fists together everyone!!

Little Miss danced and waved her hands through the entire show. Since she has been attending almost every show on the tour, she knows her routine by heart. Before her Papa’s last song, she walks out front and is introduced to the crowd and then she’s allowed to go to Uncle Eclipse to play with the DJ equipment.
DJ Little Miss & DJ Eclipse
She’s a natural!
And since that was the last night on tour for Little Miss, we took lots of pictures of her with her tour-pals.
Little Miss & Gu…she can spot him a mile away. (Don’t let this picture fool you, she adores him.)
Little Miss & Rob…partners in crime.
“Who drew all over your head, Uncle Rob?”
She did make time to hang out with the other babies on the tour…here is”Lil Paul Wall.”
Hanging out on the Expensive Taste bus.
Trying to give him a kiss…
“Just so you know…I am the boss of all these buses.”
Now we are headed to the horse farm!!
*Be sure to scroll down for lots more photos from the bus & the NY show*

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