May 8, 2008

New York, New York!!

Tuesday morning we woke up in Allentown, PA…ironically parked directly in front of the towns numerous drug treatment/half-way house facilities. (Nothing like some strung out hecklers to start the day off right!) I was looking forward to this day in particular because we had a friend driving in from NY to pick us up right after the show and take us home! It would be the first night we’d slept in our bed, in our house in over a month!
Of course, we weren’t home long enough to really enjoy it. Honestly, it felt like a dream most of the time. Little Miss was confused to no end. She kept looking at her toys in the toy boxes and saying “Baby? Baby?”…as if to say, “A baby lives here? Where is she?” It was cute. She was not thrilled as thrilled as I was about the idea of sleeping in her own bed, in her own room. I tried and tried until I brought her into our comfy bed and made an attempt to bribe her to go to sleep. It felt like the alarm went off minutes after we all shut our eyes. But it turns out that a couple hours of sleep in a real bed, is just as restful as 12 hours in a bunk on wheels.
My hubby had to go shoot a video before the show started, so Little Miss, my MIL and I took advantage of Central Park! We had lunch right beside the park and then headed for the green grass! The weather was gorgeous and since it was a weekday, there weren’t herds of people in the park like usual.
After we walked around for a few hours, we decided to go to one of my favorite Central Park spots, the zoo. I love going to this zoo in particular because it isn’t so enormous. You can easily cover the whole zoo in a few hours and all of the exhibits are incredible. (Plus, the petting zoo rocks!!)
We started out by the sea lions, who were being fed their dinner. Perfect timing!
Then we made our way over to the snow monkeys.
My little monkey…learning a few tricks from the real monkeys. (And trying to keep the sun out of her eyes, it was crazy bright in this area of the zoo.)
As I mentioned, we’ve been to this zoo several times and we always miss the Red Panda. He tends to like to hide, apparently. But not today!
& here’s Little Miss looking at the Red Panda…
My favorite part of the zoo is the polar bear exhibit. We only saw one of the two bears but- he definitely put on a show for us.

“Who wants to snuggle?”
He even got his blankey out…
Check out how big his paws are…and his teeth!!
After we watched Mr. Polar Bear for a good hour, we rushed over to the children’s zoo to get a few minutes of goat/pig/llama/sheep/pig/cow petting and feeding in before the zoo closed. My daddy always jokes on my MIL about pigs because they are a very non-kosher animal. So we thought it would be a cute idea to take a picture of her with the pigs for him. Here you go, Daddy!
Since we were well on our way to getting kicked out of the zoo, I didn’t get any shots of Little Miss feeding the animals. However, she did such a good job with them that the grounds keeper did let us feed them some extra pellets. :) Here is who we fed…
We had a wonderful day back in NY. Even thought it was a quick trip, it was great to be home and great to spend such a gorgeous day with a couple of wonderful gals in the park! :)
…see, not all of NYC is skyscrapers.
The show last night was great. It’s very interesting to me to see how different crowds are in each city. Last night was definitely a NYC crowd.
We’re in Worcester, Massachusetts today- and so far the most exciting thing that has happened is that someone came and picked up our laundry for us! ;)

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