October 5, 2011

Kitty OD

I'm taking a break from editing to share a little story with you all...brighten your day a bit, make you laugh, gross you out, etc. (If you're not an animal person or are squeamish- you may want to skip this post.)

So yesterday morning, in the wee-way-to-early hours of 3am- I was  abruptly awoken when I rolled into a wet spot. (I can almost guarantee the 'wet spot' you're thinking is definitely not the one I'm referring to.) Sweet Pea was snuggled up next to me...and was soaking wet- all in the hind end area. I immediately thought it was his anal glands- but it had absolutely no scent and those of you who've ever smelled anal glands know there is definitely a scent. I put a towel under him & went back to sleep- he wasn't in pain or acting oddly so, I figured it'd probably go away on it's own. Whatever it was.

But it didn't. When I got up, it seemed worse. The uhmm, fluid, seemed like it was literally jogging right out of his butt. I still assumed it was the glands...so off to the vet we went.

A trip to the vet's office is never cheap. There are always a few things you didn't know you needed that you're told your cat will die without. (And Sweet Pea is Little Miss's cat..so you know I had no choice but to get him all better, immediately.) The doctor decides that what I was actually seeing was diarrhea, not anal gland 'juice' (gag) and it's caused from a bacterial infection. He got several shots and we were sent home with antibiotics and a sad heart. (I had the sad heart from the bill, in case you're wondering.)

Shortly after walking in the door, I notice Little Miss's chocolate milk cup from the night before sitting on the floor...empty. (Sweat Pea has been known to drink out of cups, then knock them over when he's finished.) Would chocolate milk cause a cat to have diarrhea like that??? Well, chocolate milk with an adult dose of Miralax mixed in it will. Ouch.

I looked over at Sweet Pea, as if to ask, seriously, dude? You drank that? And I was greeted by a what the hell are you putting in your child's food!?!?! THAT WAS AWFUL! kind of look. Poor guy, he almost-literally shit his brains out.

I think he learned his lesson. 

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