July 29, 2015

He's There.

If you ever need a reminder that God is there...just ask.

Dare County Boat Builders 12th Annual Fishing Tournament was this past weekend. I worked at it last year and stood quietly at my uncle's boat, Sea Hunter 2. Tears rolled down my checks because I missed him being there- telling stories and bragging about the days catch. I texted him a picture of the boat and told him I loved him.

I miss you, darlin. And I love you too. 

This year I knew it was going to be strange. While he hadn't been able to attend the tournament in years, this was the first year I would be there without being able to call and retell stories to him and hear his laugh. Mom and I talked in depth about it. She felt the same way.

"He will be there this year though, right beside you," Mom said.

On Saturday evening, Mom and I were standing out by the pig cookers...stealing fried food. ;-) I told her that I had walked Little Miss over to the boat and how different it looked. The pink lettering is now blue...doesn't have the same sparkle that it once did. Then a truck caught my attention.

"Colton James," I said pointing to his truck, scarfing down another shrimp, "that's the guy who is performing tonight. He fished in the tournament too--"

I was abruptly cut off by a scream from my mother.

"THAT'S VERNON'S FRIEND!! Eden!! That's Colton...the one Vernon always talked about...."

She continued talking about Colton fishing with Big Gully as she darted over to the truck to attack the man getting out of the driver's seat. {thankfully, it was Colton}

He hugged her and held her for a moment. He told her Capt. Vern was one of a kind, an amazing friend and an incredible fisherman. 

He took the stage later that evening and we were able to hear songs live, that Big Gully had always wanted us to hear. I knew he was right there...dancing around the room with his lovely wife- both healthy and laughing together, like they always did.

So, I want to thank God for reminding me that when I think something is going to be hard- He is there. And when I am really missing someone I've lost...He is there and so are they.

Thank you, God, Big Gully and Heather Maxwell...for bringing Colton to Pirate's Cove again. ;-)

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