August 22, 2015

Thanks to Roanoke...

Tonight wrapped the 2015 season of The Lost Colony. While Little Miss's season wrapped on Wednesday evening, we had to come back one more time to watch the final show.

I, personally, have watched the show so many times this summer that I catch myself whispering the lines along with the actors. {I may audition next year. you need an understudy?} I have seen the rain dances, bug dances, hidden yawns...each night exhibited new excitement from the cast. But this week? This week was phenomenal. The emotion from each cast member was true. The audience felt it...they felt the pain of the colonist who'd lost loved ones- and who were uncertain of their own futures. They felt that pain because the cast members were truly hurting. The end of this season meant the end {somewhat} of their family. The end of meeting together each night to share in something that only they can really understand. 

I will admit, I was nervous when Little Miss took her part with The Lost Colony. I worried about all the things mothers worry about when they send their child off to school or a new extra-curricular activity. What if there is a bully? What if she doesn't make friends? What if she forgets her manners and is rude? What if...what if. Those worries faded almost immediately during her first performance. Whether it was Queen Elizabeth herself or a colonist, they all greeted Little Miss each night by name. They even learned who her Granddad was...and loved him just like she does. 

During tonight's show, we watched from the stands with Little Miss...who saw parts of the show for the first time- having missed them while she was on stage herself. I watched her eyes twinkle with excitement. I listened to her whisper, "watch for this part" or "gunshot coming!" to her little seastar. {seastar: best friend/step-sister...step-sister is so cliche} 

Toward the end of the play, Old Tom spoke from the roof...and tonight I heard his speech completely differently than I'd ever heard it before.

"Roanoke...Roanoke made a man...a man of me!" he exclaimed.

My eyes filled with tears. 

Oh, have helped my baby grow this summer. You have taught her so much in these few short months. I am so grateful...grateful for the experience, the people, the talent...all of it.

As the cast made their final march through tears, I cried right along with them. While I hope Little Miss will join the cast again next year, there will never be another first year there...with this incredible cast of people. 

I have to make a special note to Mr. Jesse- who held Little Miss's hand each night as he told the story of The Lost Colony. You may never understand how special you are to us. In losing our "Big Gully" this same year, you brought a part of him to life for us. We love you...and will see you next summer, whether here or in Alabama!

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